Re-imagining Employee Benefits For Today's Small Business






Web Design,

Facing mounting competition from big insurers, Beneplan needed to re-define themselves to better capture and convince business prospects. Beneplan’s value wasn't clearly communicated through their website and digital assets.

About the Client

Beneplan brings transparency, fairness, and ethical values to health benefits. Treating members as owners and giving back their unused premiums proved to resonate with small business owners across Canada.

We arrived to re-design Beneplan's website and help capture more online leads

Responsive Design

A Mobile-first Design Built To Improve Conversions

Understanding that over 30% of traffic came from mobile and tablet devices, it was imperative that our designs were fully responsive and performed regardless of prospect screen size. The client was able to save time and budget without coding custom layouts during the development process.

Lastly, we paid extra attention on conversion workflows and ensured equal efficiency on all screen sizes - no extra clicks or steps needed on mobile or tablet.

What We Accomplished

Increase In New Leads
Increase In Site Traffic
Longer Session Durations
Dusan Baic, Marketing Lead at Beneplan

“Andre and team really captured the essence of what Beneplan is all about and how we want to be known as to our customers…We’re proud of showcasing our new website!”

Dusan Baic
Marketing Lead at Beneplan
Branding & Copywriting

to shake off negative stereotypes

To set the tone for the illustrations, we extended the playful approach into the website's copy and messaging. This gave us space to use direct, no-nonsense language and shake off negative stereotypes insurers have with ambiguous words and misleading statements.

From a branding perspective, other than minor tweaks to the  original logo we focused on colour scheme and add brand guidelines on how to best use the new visuals.

Branding and styles for Beneplan

Eye Catching Illustrations

To appeal to today's small business owner, we decided to use playful illustrations and forgo the standard suit & tie formality used by industry peers. This warm and approachable style allowed us to unravel Beneplan's value proposition in an engaging and digestible way.

Beneplan Grid and Illustration style
Beneplan user requesting a quote

Other Places Our Designs Found Home

Annual Reports

The re-designed monthly newsletters allowed a clean, and easy scan of top articles. Our design almost doubled email click through rates!

Beneplan Annual Report and summary
Beneplan pride Month design and styling

Pride Month Visuals

The website's new look and feel was extended to Beneplan’s social media visuals with custom cover art and profile photos.

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