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UI/UX Design

Technical requirements, User stories, Journey Mapping, Wire-framing & Prototyping, Design System Library, Usability Testing

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“You only notice the absence of a great user experience, never its presence.”

It's Time to Reinvest in UI/UX Design When..

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User Cancellation Is Increasing
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Key Actions Require Unnecessary  Clicks
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Trial Conversions, Upsells or Product Revenue Has Dropped
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Customers Are Complaining
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User Stories

A user story is a general explanation of a software feature written from the perspective of the end user. We develop them to help convey context to development teams on what they're building and why.

Wire-framing and Prototyping

The fun, creative part. Here we flush out products designs from schematic wireframes to beautiful prototypes. We like to get everyone involved in the design process so that we bridge common gaps between designers and developers. This all before a single line of code is written.

Journey Mapping

User journey maps are essential to understand the steps and potential friction points users will experience when trying to complete a goal using your product.

Design System Library

Design systems help establish the rules, language and repeatable elements that will define how your product will look and feel. It also includes typography, iconography and style guides. It’s important to have a design system that can flex and be molded when user requirements change - and they almost always will.

Technical Requirements

It’s important to be able to translate your creative vision in a way that’s easily understood by your team’s technically minded. We are able to draft detailed documentation so everyone is in the clear on how your product will work and function.

Usability Testing

You can’t improve the UX without watching your users. We perform very technical usability studies to uncover where people drop off, what they find confusing and how we can best address them.

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Words From Our Happy Clients

“Andre and team really captured the essence of what Beneplan is all about and how we want to be known as to our customers…We’re proud of showcasing our new website!”

Dusan Baic
Marketing Specialist

“…the Ferraz team did an outstanding job in designing our new app on a very tight timeline…Their impactful design and layout made for a great user experience for all tenants”

Pamela Westwater
Digital Engagement & Innovation

“We’ve seen an extreme increase on engagement from our clients and an increase in leads via our website”

Brendan Ginns
Digital Engagement & Operations

Let’s Design Experiences That Matter